Have you ever wondered where people came from?

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I have…and often. Hello everyone. Up until now I have posted a few short stories, and a few political rants (thank you for being kind to me on those). I am new to WordPress.com and I am still figuring out how to use it. I wasn’t sure what to write about, and I am painfully intimidated about how I would be received if I put myself out there to be judged and critiqued.

I know that I have work to do before my stories and articles are more “professional” looking, and I appreciate how generous the handful of those who have liked and commented on my posts have been. Thank you so much. It is a learning process, and you must start somewhere.

The WordPress.com family has made me feel welcomed, so that I have been able to focus in on a topic that interests me. Where did people come from? For my entire life I have been drawn to ancient cultures, mythologies, origin stories, and topics of that nature. I was envious of places like Petra, Stonehenge, and Machu Picchu. How amazing would it be to have megalithic remnants of ancient civilizations in your own backyard?

I decided to see if my little ol’ state of Ohio had any ancient history that I could geek out on. It sent me on a journey that I never could have anticipated. There is a whole human history timeline that stretches to the days when the Earth was cooling. I am in no way saying that this is a true human history, it is just something fascinating to ponder.

I would like to break up the volumes of information that I came across and discuss them piece by piece. I will share other people’s research, and present theories that I hope will get others like me involved in these discoveries. If there is an obvious flaw in one of these questions, I encourage you to join the conversation, but please be polite and use it as a teaching moment, not a preaching or shaming moment.

The first segment of this which I would like to dissect is Pole Shifts. No, not the “coming one”, but the ones recorded throughout history. According to Wikipedia, there have been 183 polar reversals in the past 83 million years. Why is this important to consider? Well, if True North was at the South Pole, and East was West, some of our mythos may need to be reconsidered.

One oral history that was recorded in illustrations, and stands out to me, is the story of Aztlán (Wikipedia). Aztlán is the historical land of the Aztec people. There is so much debate and unknowns attached to this tale that it is anyone’s guess as to where it is/was. “Anyone” can certainly include me.

When I saw this image of the migration of the Aztec people, I noticed part of it is upside down. Could this be a recorded event of a Polar Reversal during this ancient migration? Take a look!

Map of Aztec migration

If so, could Aztlán be in Antarctica? Could the “Place of whiteness” be so obvious? If “North” was Antarctica and the Aztec people migrated “South”, then does that mean they could have traveled up the tip of South America? If the homeland of the storytellers was not as important to them as the migration itself, why would that be? Perhaps the geomagnetic lines that ancient people may have followed, were acting in a strange way. Maybe the above image is a representation of this theory. Could the Spanish guestimates on the dates be wrong? If this application seems apparent to me, what other mythos need to be looked at again?

I am not presenting anything as fact, just asking the questions. Thanks to scientific research, I have a chart to begin putting my theory on paper. It will take some time, but I plan to over-lay these factual “reversals” over my ever-changing and developing timeline. If anyone else has thought of this before and has some of the work done, please share your work with me. The more collaboration I have with intelligent and curious minds on this, the better.

Today’s question is a taste of what you can expect to come. (Along with short stories and a rant or two). I will take a subject, concept, or theory and try to apply it to a new human story. We will re-examine old knowledge with new eyes, refusing to disregard anything that may happen to contradict the established postulations.

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I enjoy making up stories about the world around me. Sometimes I write them down.

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