In the Land of Giants

In my previous post Have you ever wondered where people came from?, I asked many questions. I proposed a theory that geomagnetic reversals may play a role in legends and myths. I will come back to that topic at a later date. I just wanted to plant a small seed before I begin.

To quickly recap, as a youth I was very curious about where people came from. I looked in all of the obvious places for answers; Religious texts, mythologies, ancient cities and megalithic sites. Around the age of 13 or 14, I decided to search in the one book in my house that might have answers…the Bible. At that young and imaginative age, the Old Testament read like a Game of Thrones novel. I quickly developed an appetite, and would always be hungry for more.

From the Bible I rapidly found the Apocrypha, Nag Hammadi Library, and Gnostic Codices. I wandered from Kabbalah, to Zoroaster, to Hindu and Buddha. I packed my brain with Viking Sagas and Greek mythology. I scoured over scraps of Aztec, Inca, Maya, and Anasazi. One path was always leading me to another until I had gorged on Aborigine and Polynesian legends too.

My brain hurt, and I didn’t know how to sort through and put all of these pieces together. I decided to give my brain a break, and then I began to wonder if Ohio had any ancient myths or legends to investigate? Oh did it ever! In true form, one clue lead to another, which lead to another, and so on.

My first nibble at this mystery arrived when I heard the phrase “Ohio River Valley Giants”. I began to feel my mouth salivate. I listened to podcasts, sifted through YouTube, and did a Google search. When I saw this map posted by Graham Hancock on October 27, 2015, my heart skipped a beat or two, (or three). Right here in the cool dark soil beneath my very feet, be the bones of Giants!

Map of US with tags for every giant skeleton found.
Giant Skeletons found in the North America

My mental Choo-choo train was flying at full speed. I had a real life ancient mystery on my hands and I couldn’t wait to find new information to learn! Giants, giants, let’s see…what do I know about giants? Well, quite a lot actually. Every single ancient culture that I had ever even glanced at spoke of the giants. This was going to take some concentration and determination to fragment it all together.

As I embarked on my journey through the giants, there were noticeably recurring themes. Giants with red hair, two rows of teeth, and six fingers and six toes were described globally. Wait, weren’t the Philistines giants with six fingers? (Ulster Medical society May, 2014). This apparent race of giants had mentions all across the Americas, Solomon Islands, Canary Islands, and even more recently a report of a giant matching this description was found alive and then killed in Kandahar Afghanistan. (Post from Collective Evolution on June 22, 2018).

So, who in the world are the giants? I want to address the correlation between Nephilim and giants briefly. It has been my experience that any time giants are mentioned, some moron gets on his soapbox and tries to educate me about Fallen Angels raping women. This is what happens when sex and reproduction are considered taboo, and (his)tory prevails. When shocking words or scenarios are used such as sex, incest, or rape- there are many minds that zero in on the forbidden fruit and forget to pay attention to the story being told.

We have zero accounts from women during this time. If there was a man that was 7 to 9 feet tall, and considered so advanced that average humans viewed them as Angels and Gods, maybe women looked around at the village idiots and decided they had better prospects in the technologically advanced cities? I’m just saying; don’t get hung up on a small detail and miss the big picture.

Okay, back to giants. One thing that confused me was the different relationships between man and giants. Half of the reports described them as monstrous cannibals, and needed to be eliminated due to their aggressive behavior. Yet the Sumerians, Egyptians, and even early Spanish explorers in the Americas describe them as benevolent and kind. They show them teaching man civilization, and nurturing our very beginnings on Earth. So, were there two different races of giants?

Now my sleep was even plagued by giants. I felt like my mind was being downloaded with the full story when I slept, but when I woke I could only retain bits and fragments. What was the link, what was I missing? I was shoulder deep in reading on the Norse Frost Giants when it dawned on me. The north! If Frost Giants and Hyperboreans were all from the far north, I needed to be looking at the POLES!

I’m going to stop here for now and pick up next time, where I begin at the very beginning…the Poles.

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