Root Races, Hollow Earth, and a Drop of Water

It has taken me a very long time to determine how to present the story I wish to tell. My mind is always changing, and there are some things that you must see to believe. That meant directing you to watch YouTube videos, and follow me through some pretty mind bending theories. Clearly this tale will only interest those few with the time and imagination to investigate.

As I mentioned in my previous post In the Land of Giants, I’ve spent over two decades searching every ancient literature for the origin of humans. I was getting hints to look at the poles for the answer. When I did that, I found a history of Seven Root Races, beginning at the poles. This information was found labeled under “occult knowledge”. As my prior education consisted of religious writings of every sort, I was highly prejudiced to the word “occult”. I had to temporarily put down my beliefs, my feelings about that word, and wipe my slate clean to see a bigger picture that consists of just plain knowledge, not good or evil. I had to not attach emotion or fear to the words, and just listen to them with no stake in the outcome. When I did, it took all of the scraps and puzzle pieces of information that I had gathered over the years, and put them into a tale, a pre-history story.

If what I have told you so far about giants, geomagnetic reversals, and a new/old theory of humanity is intriguing to you… if clicking on a video link to learn more is something that you are okay with… if you can put down everything you have come to believe and listen with an open mind; You are the person I am writing this for. What is the point of all of my searching, if I am unable to share what I have discovered? As I said before, my thoughts on this are fluid and always changing as I consider new information, so this is not me touting “my truth”. I just want to share this while the idea is exciting, new, and pliable.

In order to understand the human story, we have to consider where life comes from. No one has actually figured that out, so we have to take known information and use our imagination to determine the possibilities. The beginning of my story starts with a drop of water. There is a very thought provoking documentary about Dr. Luc Montagnier’s research on water. That is the first video in this journey. If you follow this link, you will see how important water is to the creation of life. (wocomoDOCS January 28, 2016). Afterwards, continue on below.

In the above video, an experiment is carried out that takes a tiny sample of DNA, dilutes it to the point it no longer shows genetic material, and then records the water samples’ electromagnetic waves. Next the recording is played to another drop of water in a different country, and the DNA strand from the sample recreates itself. Now for something you have to see to believe, and honestly, I don’t have the words to describe what is being seen. In this video, skip to 6 minutes 30 seconds, and you will see an orb being ‘born’ out of a drop of water. (Matrix Wisdom December 4, 2018). It took me a very long time to deduce what I was seeing here.

I thought about it coming from somewhere within the rock, so I mentally scanned all of the way through the rock. What is on the other side of the rock? The inner sun. If you aren’t familiar with Hollow Earth Theory (Wikipedia), I suggest that you do a little research before continuing. Whether you are a Flat Earth, a Globe Earth, or a Hollow Earth theorist, it is because your research leads you there at some point. Mine concluded with Hollow Earth theory based on cellular structure, gravity, myth, Admiral Byrd, and many other considerations. In order to tell this story, the inner Earth and central sun plays a reoccurring role.

What I saw in my mind’s eye was the radiation and gases from the central sun, soaking into the landscape of inner earth. Groundwater, then carrying tiny particulates through the crust of the earth, and a vibration from a breeze moving throughout the cave. Fire, Earth, Water, Air…this is the birth of an elemental. This will be the beginning of the Root Races, the Polarians. What is a Polarian? I believe it might be a race of elemental. Our body is carbon based, and 70% water. All of the material that we are made of comes from the earth. Here is our final video for this post, an introduction to Polarians and Root Races. (Fear Channel March 2, 2017).

My theory that the Polarians are a race of elementals is further backed by the notion that the elements could not hurt them; they could not drown or be burnt. I can’t help but notice that animals covered the Earth during this time. The Bible tells that the birds and beasts were created before man as well. What mythos and imagery can be remnants of these Polarians? Certainly shape-shifters who can temporarily become an animal are prevalent throughout legend and myth. What about ancient depictions of gods as animals or part animal? That question comes back again later too. Little remains of any knowledge from this time, since telepathy was the form of communication, and writing had not yet emerged. My next post will be about the Second Root Race. I hope you found something in here interesting. See you next time.

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I enjoy making up stories about the world around me. Sometimes I write them down.

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