Hyperborea and the Birth of Titans

The Second Root Race in my series of posts is known as the Hyperboreans. These giants grew to 120ft. tall yet retained enough of their previous elemental beginnings to change in size, down to the size of a pinpoint. To introduce to you to this era of human prehistory, I will again refer you to a video in this link. (Fear Channel March 16, 2017). Then I will further examine the information from the video.

I believe this Race to be the origin of our stories of gods, titans, aliens, and even angels as they will tend to pop up throughout our succeeding Root Races quite often. Certainly the Greek gods and titans could change in size, and so could angels appear as men to men. Additionally, the land of the eternal sun, beyond the polar winds, all of these fragments spell out that this land existes inside of earth just as you enter through the North Pole. A central sun never sets.

The Polarians had to become this new Root Race because their land was unstable and covered with poisonous gas. We know that Hyperborea is in the North, so I postulate that the South Pole had become an uninhabitable place (inside earth), so they seeded far away. Elementals can pass through rock, water, anything. Hyperboreans have lost two of their elemental beginnings; they can no longer pass through earth and can be burned by fire. Although the knowledge is lost, I still believe that Polarian is the subrace of the First Root Race of Elementals, likely remembered as so because of the poisonous South Pole at the end of their Race, being the polar opposite of the North.

Based on the birth of the orb from my previous post, I have considered that elementals are born from water, radiated by the inner sun, gestated in rock or earth, and born from the vibration of wind. They have been here since the earth was still cooling. They can go from inside of the planet to outside effortlessly because they are not inhibited by any of the elements. They are the creators of proteins that decide which plant or animal species they will become into. They are the source of DNA strands, all twelve of them. When the parent creates an offspring, that offspring will be a plant or animal, known or new, the elemental decides. Though the end of their Race has come, they too are mentioned throughout the histories of the following Races. Perhaps these earlier Races never die out, they just go within?

Hyperboreans have blue skin. This intrigued me greatly because all throughout human history were depictions of blue and green skin. This is our first clue to the Rh- bloodline, so called the blue-bloods. There is a ton of speculation about Atlantean, or reptilian, or many other theories about this bloodline, but they focus mainly on good or evil, and I am avoiding any such prejudices during this investigation. So I will only say that this is the origin, in my opinion, of this genetic anomaly.

The concept of geomagnetic reversals begins here and continues throughout the rest of this story as well. It will be vague at first but will become clearer as the story unfolds. I want you to understand that we are in a cosmic void, so what do the directions really mean? True north is the direction of the strongest magnetic energy flow. That is why an arrow points to true north, the magnetics make it do so. True north is the strongest magnetic energy pull, or the accumulation of the most energy. This spot is not stationary and causes the cataclysms and energetic points of concentration on a specific area or land mass. The concentrated energy changes the humans in that region and speeds up evolution.

This becomes more apparent in the next Root Race, which comes from the South Pole. But before we move on it is important to address the devolving of some Hyperboreans into a “simian species”, this is later referred to as Neanderthals, or even Denisovan people. It is meant as a derogatory term for these “early/later” Northern human tribes. Thanks for reading, See you next time in Lemuria!

If you are curious what a Hyperborean looks like, I have included some images below.

Painted Pict People
Giant of Kandahar
Norse Frost Giant illustration

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