Lemurians, Mermaids, and Sea Peoples

If you have traveled with me this far, you know that we are on the Third Root Race of humanity. If you haven’t read the previous posts in this series, you will want to go back as this is an unfolding of a story, and there are four posts preceding this one. (links below). This video is a little bit longer than the previous Root Races, and the following even more in depth, as we get closer to modern humanity and less information is lost through the ages. As with earlier installments, I will direct you to watch an introductory video, in this link (Fear Channel June 16, 2017). Then I will discuss the information that was presented.

There is a lot to unpack here, so I will begin at the beginning and work my way through. Clearly by looking at the map, this is a people originating from the South Pole and very quickly spreading across the globe to everywhere but the far North.

Map of Lemuria

How did they migrate so quickly? There were clues in the video. Lemurians were mermaids. They were a sea faring people, were unafraid of drowning, they practiced vocalization and hypnosis, otherwise known as the “siren’s song”. They worked closely with elementals to govern the life on the planet, so shape-shifting is not an unreasonable leap. Whether they could shed a tail for legs or are the origin of the genetics of people Bajau people, (National Geographic April 19, 2018) they were a semi-aquatic species. No doubt about it.

The Polynesian people are most certainly Lemurian descendants. But so are Australian Aborigines, Africans, Native Americans, and Asian people. They even migrated to the far North, as Inuit people are evidence of. Why and how was there so much migration going on? I believe the Lemurians followed Ley Lines. It was a shift in magnetic energy concentration from the North to the South Pole, a geomagnetic reversal, which evolved this Race. Hence they are a vibrational Race, and sensitive to the energy lines of the earth. They built energy storage pyramids at specific energy points across the globe. These are not our current pyramids, but the ones below or inside of them. These monuments have been rebuilt during the Atlantean Era, but the sacred spots were mapped and denoted by the Lemurians.

Lemurians are the first hints to a division of spirituality, or good versus evil concepts. It was jealousy for being left out of the Brotherhood that created a dual society with both not liking the other. They are also the first race to begin getting smaller over the ages. They began at around 60ft and ended at around 12ft tall. I believe this is because of the massive geologic changes that continued to occur during this time in history.

It isn’t detailed in the video, but after the division of the sexes, the matriarchal patterns began. They again were vibrational and familial (promoting group associations), so anywhere there are traces left of matriarchy philosophies, or shamanism, is a remnant of Lemuria. Later the Atlanteans replace shamanism with religion and medicine; and they introduce lineages and the patriarchy. The Atlanteans are born when the Lemurians mix with the Hyperboreans. This was hinted at the end when it said that some of them mixed with the degenerate Neanderthals from Hyperborea. The mixing of blood and the geomagnetic reversal that destroyed Mu, pointed the concentration of energy back to the North for the next Root Race.

The comet Condor is mentioned in this video and there is a depiction of it on a carving in Gobekli Tepe. I believe this may be a Lemurian establishment. I don’t have a segue for that nugget, so I’ll come full circle here. The video also says they bonded to nature spirits, or elementals. This again brings to mind depictions of half animal – half human gods or legends throughout the ancient mythos. That would include merfolk too.

I’m not going to address the “Extra-terrestrial” influences on Lemuria because that theme comes back to us again in Atlantis, and I want to discuss that topic in my next installment. I hope you enjoyed learning about Lemurians. I know I enjoyed postulating on this fascinating part of the Root Races. See you next time!

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If you want to know what Lemurians look like, here are some photos!

Maori Warrior with club
Aborigine People



Inuit Woman with tattoos

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