The Fifth Root Race, Antarctica, and Tartaria

Congratulations on making it to the end of this series! It began with the question, where do people come from? That burning question led me on an unending journey through time and evolution. After years of reading complex ancient stories, I took a break, only to find a missing link to my query right under my feet, with the evidence of giants. The giants pointed me to the poles, and the unwinding of the tale has been laid out for you to ponder. This series could have taken years to unravel based on all of the supporting information I have gathered, but I tried to keep it simple, clean, and easy to follow. It’s up to you to become a seeker of knowledge, to come to your own conclusions, and use your own instincts to guide you.

It all began with a drop of water and the birth of the elementals. Fast forward through evolution and we have come to the Fifth Root Race, also known as the Aryans. There is no video for this root race, unfortunately, but there are written histories thanks in part to the efforts of the Atlantean predecessors. Since we don’t have a video, we will see what Wikipedia has to say about the Aryans. The subraces go as follows: Hindu, Arabian, Persian, Celts, and Teutonic or Slavic. This genetic path follows the “out of Africa” story if you consider that Africans were Lemurians and Atlanteans. This story always felt wrong to me. DNA testing can tell us what % of mixing we are, but relies on the “current history” to trace where and when these people blended.

Our ‘traditional’ history begins during the epoch of Atlantis with remembrances from Lemuria woven in. As you can estimate from this migration through the Aryans, the Fifth Root Race has nearly completed with only two subraces left. The sixth subrace of the Aryans is projected to be called Australo-American, and hints back to a South Pole philosophy. The first Australians and the first Americans were Lemurians.

I want to address the conflict we feel about the word Aryan, it is similar to my adversity to the word “occult” in the beginning of this journey. When we come across a word or phrase that makes us uncomfortable, we should ask ourselves why a word would make us have an emotional reaction. It is because at some point during your life someone made you feel that word was good/bad. From now on every time you catch yourself thinking something is good or bad with no reason for that emotional attachment, go neutral on it…you will learn so much more about the world when you take off the prejudiced glasses and consider information as nothing but information to consider.

A-N at the end is short for Aryan. This is how our Root Race the “Aryans” describes people…

Asian, European, American, Indian, African, Canadian, Brazilian, Russian, all of our names for people end in A-N for Aryan. Even our pronunciations of ancient cultures, Atlantean, Lemurian, Hyperborean, Polarian we always pronounce these people with an A-N. Maybe they called themselves Lemurites, we don’t know for sure. There is a clue in the Bible, who remained to be the Aryans? If you look at the genealogy of Noah’s sons, we have the “ites”, the “ines”, and the “ans” or “ams”; example – Canaanites, Philistines, and Haran, Dedan, Javan, Midian, Medan, Zimmeran, Abraham, etc. The ‘ites, the ‘ines, and the ‘ans were all giants, but only the ‘ans (or ‘ams) decreased in size to become modern day hum-ans. What is a hum? It is a vibration. A Hum-An is a vibrating animal or vibrational Aryan.

Aryans are a mix of Lemurian, Atlantean, and Hyperborean bloodlines. From the mixing of the people comes the next Root Race. Trying to purify bloodlines is trying to prevent evolution from occurring. Why would a race of humans not want to evolve? Because they worship the ancient races as gods, and see the evolution of humans as devolving from the original perfection. The original perfection is an elemental; we must return to our “mother” planet and “father” sun to return to our true nature. All of the good versus evil, patriarchy or matriarchy, “us or them” duality of thinking is what prevents us from seeing we are all of one mother and father. We contain both energies within us. This planet made us. No gods or aliens required. Those are just names we gave our ancestors. Yet our ancient histories are still valid accounts and were considered as factual supporting fragments to the whole.

Why are we adverse to the terms being used to classify us? Mongoloid, I bet Asian people hate that word. Negroid, yes, that is offensive for sure. Yet these are the actual words used by scientists to classify people of a genetic race. Aryan is used to cause a conflict of emotions as well. Why are we upset with these words, why do we assume they are meant to separate and degrade us? Because, we are returning to a philosophy that does not discriminate between the sexes, or between the colors of men, or between the sexual preferences. We are returning to South Pole philosophies and nature, which has no caste system. It is probable to assume that ‘group think’ or a ‘hive mind’ is a South Pole ideology and individual thought is North Pole property. Can you think of current examples of group think?

Why did humans remain in a North Pole philosophy for the later half of Atlantis and nearly all of the Aryans? Because as mentioned in the Atlantean history, peoples’ lives keep getting shorter, so does our stature, and so does the amount of time for each Root Race. If we go back to the 183 polar reversals in the last 83 million years, we will see that during some of these epochs, the poles changed more than once, but one philosophy and pole was always dominate. It was likely a heightened period of shifting that separated the sexes to begin with. The shifting of continents was something we survived time and again. Our histories were scattered along the way.

We are seeing the poles move scientifically, and physically, but also spiritually. We are heading in that direction as the poles are weakening for a new point of concentration, an old but new philosophy and science for humanity. Women are rising in powerful roles, the family unit is highly regarded, and we are on the verge of remembering how to use vibration for good and nefarious reasons. We are in the middle of a shift and through the mixing of nations, we are about to birth a new subrace to the Aryan race, possibly even the first traces of the Sixth Root Race. I believe the Sixth Root Race will be a return to a vibrational species. There is a lot of attention focused on Antarctica lately; perhaps this is another indicator of the current shift?

What are some additional things to consider? There is a possibility that Lemurians are walking among us, and they probably don’t even know it. Hyperboreans reproduced by budding, yet they also reproduced with Lemurians after the division of sexes, and again with Atlanteans. This means the original Races continue to evolve along the side the current Race. It is likely that remote tribal people all over the earth for our entire epoch are mostly still Lemurian and ‘modern man’ is mostly Atlantean. Think about that we have 4 blood types, and 4 Races with material bodies. Is that a coincidence? Are Lemurians the source of “red-blooded” bloodlines? They were certainly more prolific across the globe compared to the previous Race that remained in the North. Could Hyperboreans still be around hidden in cryptozoology? They change in size, so they are likely fairy legends too. Importantly, the end of a Root Race is marked by natural cataclysms, and those are increasing in strength rapidly. A new Race is going to emerge, and I believe we should turn our faces to Antarctica for the first hints. The closest land masses to Antarctica are South America and Australia, is that a coincidence also?

That is the story I wanted to tell on the origin of humans from start to present. I have no idea if it is correct or not, but it makes sense to me, and covers a lot of known information about humans. All except for Tartary, which I hinted at in the title. So what is Tartaria or Tartary? Well, it seems to be a deliberate attempt to conceal an entire part of our recent past. It has only been introduced recently to the seekers of knowledge, and many are speculating and uncovering clues as we speak. It would relate to either the late Atlantean 7th subrace or possibly the current Aryan subrace of the Teutonic people, the time frame of their reign is unclear.

So why would someone deliberately hide a recent history from humanity? If we consider that all of the previous Races harnessed energy from the ley lines or the ether, without burning fossil fuels to power their enormous cities, then why do we use such a barbaric method? There are those who are postulating that Tartaria was erased so that a powerful few, very likely remnants of the Black Magicians of Atlantis (remember these races overlap heavily), in order to install a wired energy grid that can track usage to promote a “pay to live” society. One that funnels all monetary resources straight to them. They created the oil and gas industry on purpose. They created the current monetary system on purpose.

That delves us into conspiracy theories and there are plenty of people covering those, so I will end this story here. I hope you enjoyed this series as much as I did telling you about it! At the bottom is a link for a video from another seeker, if you are interested in this hidden knowledge here is another view you can consider. I will return next time with my usual weird and wonderful short stories.

Just remember the first thing I showed you in this series…Water Has Memory and all it takes is the right frequency to activate it and alter life. Thanks for reading!  See you then!

Phoenicians, Hyperborea, Tartaria (Mind Unveiled March 21, 2019)


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