The History of Atlantis

Welcome to part six of this seven part series. (Links below). If you have made it this far, you know that we are on the Fourth Root Race, of the Seven Root Races of humanity. Since we currently live in the Fifth Root Race, my next post will be the conclusion of this story. You also know that I will link a video for you to watch, and our discussion will begin on the contents. That video link is here. (Fear Channel September 7, 2017).

Since today’s video is quite lengthy and detailed, I won’t spend much time breaking down the information presented. I will only continue to add to my theory that geomagnetic reversals play an important role in the philosophies and evolution of the Root Races. I will also link the companion videos on Atlantis, since I will not be delving into the Black and White Magicians too much, so those videos are for your continued interest only.

In the first subrace, the Rmoahals, the South Pole philosophies are still present, (harmony with nature) then the North Pole philosophies emerge and solidify by the 3th subrace. Atlanteans take on philosophies more like the Hyperboreans who focused on self-preservation and not familial ties. North Pole philosophies birthed the patriarchy. The Atlanteans introduced successive Kingship, another sign of the patriarchy. I only point this out because I believe that the North Pole is “male” energy and the South Pole is “female” energy. As the poles reverse, or in essence the point of concentrated energy moves from one pole to the next, our beliefs and philosophies change based on this energy dynamic. Both are essential to continual growth, and both have a “season” or time to grow rapidly. Female energy focuses on the earth and nature, while male energy focuses on engineering and technological advancement. Both are equally necessary for an evolving humanity. The Polarians or elementals worked closely with Lemurians because they are South Pole Energy and the later Atlanteans team up with Hyperboreans because they are North Pole energy. Look into the South Atlantic anomaly, if you have never heard of it. Or the Geomagnetic energy chaos that our planet is currently experiencing, it is all related.

I promised Hyperboreans would pop up again and again. They mixed with later Lemurians in our last post, and here they are again alive and well in the far North. (Watching Atlantis, they are the Watchers) This period of time in Atlantean history, when the Turanians are wreaking havoc and the Shemites are being spiritually guided by Hyperboreans is very well preserved in the Book of Enoch. I told you that I believe Hyperboreans were angels and gods, well, I think they are Enoch’s angels, and he went to inner Earth the land of the angels, in a flying machine, (which had been around since Lemuria). The sixth subrace produces the Greeks (mythology), and the Hyperboreans are still all over this Atlantean subrace. So what are fallen angels, then? They are Hyperboreans who produced offspring with the 4th subrace of Atlantis. If they mixed with the forbidden black magic Turanians of the 4th subrace, they were a fallen angel, and the offspring was called a Nephilim. If they mixed with the Shemites, then that was okay, as the birth of Noah would indicate in the Book of Enoch. Just read his description of Noah at birth! (

This idea that Hyperboreans are the angels could be evidence that all sun worshipping or monotheistic religions produced during the Atlantean era were in all actuality talking about the inner sun, not the sun of our solar system. As the inner sun is the sun of Hyperborea, and it is the light, the creator of life on earth, etc. Why does the Bible say we cannot look directly at Gods face, because God is a ball of burning gasses and radiation. Polytheistic religions worship elementals or Hyperboreans as gods or nature spirits. What if the inner sun is the consciousness of the planet? What if the planet is a very much living entity and the inner sun is the heart, brain, or even soul of it all? What if we are cells on her body, as we have cells in our own? Who created the universe then? Is our living planet and all of the cosmos cells on a much bigger body? A body so large we cannot conceive of it? It is during the Atlantean era that written histories and religions become the common place. These written texts are often destroyed or broken up so that the whole story cannot be put together. The puzzle needs all of the pieces to create the picture, and many of those pieces are gone to us.

The Bible is careful to always make a distinction between Nephilim and giants, as they are not one and the same. Nephilim are described as “being like men of old, men of renown” in size, who are the ‘men of old’? Hyperboreans, that’s who. And again, “Giants were in the Earth in those days, and after too” is yet another clue that giants lived not on the earth but inside of it, who is inside of earth, again we find Hyperboreans. There is another land between the inner and outer earth, it is midpoint in the crust of the planet. It is presumed that this “underworld” like cavern is a prison for those being held for judgement. It could be Hell, Tartarus, or the Egyptian underworld, they are all one. Here is a Tibetan map of earth showing where Hell would be as a void in the crust.

Tibert map of Hollow Earth

It is worth trying to find the Gospel of Eve. It is an account “by her” about being removed from the Garden of Eden. She talks about being terrified when they had to experience night and other things not in the Garden, such as cold. This Garden sounds very much like inner Earth. I tried to find it online to link, but many of my sources keep disappearing. Admiral Byrd also wrote about another Race being developed inside of the Earth, I’ll put a link below. Elementals, Hyperboreans, Lemurians, and Atlanteans don’t just die away; they live hundreds to thousands of years. Elementals, probably never perish, unless they want to.

I promised in the last segment of this series that I would address the “extra-terrestrials” mentioned in these past two videos. I strongly believe these to be “inter”-terrestrials, instead. Remember there are flying machines from the previous Root Race, and if the inner sun is the catalyst that creates life for the elementals, the inside of our planet must be inhabited by far more species than those that have made it to the exterior surface. I have found evidence that early Races had a vast knowledge of the cosmos, but nothing that conclusively states that we have been visited by another star system, (maybe Mars refugees though). Even saying that plants were brought to this planet to clear the atmosphere, could mean brought outside from within. Polarians may have developed a species of plant to clear the poisonous atmosphere from their homeland’s demise, and shared that genetic material with Lemurians.

On the very last map of the video from above, I believe what we are seeing is Tartaria, the end of the Atlantean epoch and the beginning of the Aryan. We will discuss Tartaria and the Aryan Root Race in our next installment to this series. Here are the other links on Atlantis as promised, if you wish to see more. See you next time!

Black Magicians of Atlantis (Fear Channel February 23, 2017)

Sinking of Atlantis (Fear Channel August 24,2017)

The world after Atlantis (Fear Channel September 12, 2017)

If you haven’t read what Admiral Byrd said about inner Earth, it’s definitely worth a listen! It is one of the reasons I believe the “aliens” are from within.

Hollow Earth: Admiral Byrd’s Flight Log (Fear Channel July 7, 2017)

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Here are some photos of what Atlanteans look like, mind you they are a mix of the previous two Root Races, Lemuria and Hyperborea combined.

Dynastic Egyptian race
Assyrian King

Finally, the most obvious case of mixed blood…

Hindu God

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